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Application Server hosting web, ftp, and remoting applications for .NET & Mono.

Download the beta 1.0 (Beta 1) Beta

Pluggable Application Architecture
  • Base application class allows an application type to be managed by the framework
  • Web Application class can serve ASP.NET pages utilizing the XSP Server
  • FTP Application class serves files to FTP clients.
  • Remoting Application class hosts .NET objects. Check out my .NET Remoting Central page for links on custom channels, tips, etc.
  • Extendable for other services: LDAP, POP3, SMTP, etc.

Clustering Support
  • Single-node Functionality- System operates seamlessly clustered or unclustered
  • Cluster Membership- Nodes are automatically added and removed from the cluster using UDP broadcasts with a configurable timeout.
  • Primary Cluster Services are built-in to the core allowing the membership to be utilized by other applications.
  • Load Balancer Application distributes requests between nodes in the cluster. Uses code from Mentalis and compiled it into a separate assembly. Then descended from the listener object to create the custom port mapper.

Web-based Administration Program
  • The server self-hosts an ASP.NET application for managing the applications
  • Connect to any node in the cluster from central management UI
  • Displays monitoring information provided by each node.

Application Configuration/Installation
  • All configuration is stored in XML files either within the application directory (similar to web.config) or in the server directory.
  • Applications can be installed by placing them in the "applications" directory, or uploading a installation package (.zip or .tar) using the interface. This form of deployment is similar to Tomcat.

Pluggable Security System maintains list of users and roles. This is used to secure the applications, FTP access, and is available for hosted ASP.NET applications.
  • XML file-based user storage provider
  • LDAP & ActiveDirectory user storage provider (read-only)

Container Application
  • Run as service or console mode
  • Publishes remote objects for mangement (unload, reload, etc.)

Other features
  • Logging: The container application listens to trace messages from the hosted applications and logs them into files. These messages are then viewable within the admin site.

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